Why Fiberglass Swimming Pools Are Better Than Concrete Pools

Why Fiberglass Swimming Pools Are Better Than Concrete Pools

While there are many reasons why one should opt for a fiberglass swimming pool, we will mention some of the top reasons that our customers have experienced before.

Another reason why fiberglass swimming pool are considered the best is that they have a relatively lower maintenance cost as compared to the conventional concrete swimming pools. The benefit that a swimming pool owner will get here is that there will be lesser running costs. Once you have installed it in your compound, you can trust us that you will not spend so much money in getting it running for a long time and in good shape.

Of course, everyone always wants a durable product. Well, the ranges of fiberglass that we provide in the Adelaide market are just the perfect ones for that good bargain over durability. The fiberglass in these pools are specially built to survive even the worst weather conditions, thus stay for long. Their durability feature is in line with the fact that they are quite easy to maintain. It is a well known phenomenon that durable products are always cheap to maintain.

Unlike the concrete swimming pools, these ones do not require a complicated installation process. The process of installation is easy and precise. At our company we provide 5 easy stages of installing a good high quality swimming pool.  The five stages will be highlighted here below:

  1. Stage 1 – Excavate and Level Base
  2. Stage 2 – Crane Pool into Position
  3. Stage 3 – Plumbing and Electricity
  4. Stage 4 – Bond Beam
  5. Stage 5 – Coping and Paving 

These are the easy steps that we follow during installation of a high quality fiber glass. The process provides an effective way of handling a fiberglass swimming pool installation in Adelaide.

The above mentioned are some of the benefits that fiberglass swimming pools has. While those remain to be the top reasons, there are other reasons that make it a better option than the conventional concrete swimming pools. These reasons will also be highlighted here below.

In the many years that we have been providing swimming pool services, we have identified the following as main differences between the two styles of swimming pools.

As stated above, a fiberglass is quite easy to install thus the speed is relatively quicker. This is because a fiberglass swimming pool is shipped directly from the manufacturing company and installed on arrival. On the other hand, the concrete swimming pool takes time to be finished because there is so much to be done including tiling among many other hard tasks.

The finishing that is exhibited in our fiberglass swimming pools is of the best quality. The edges are very smooth thus keeping it safe for use apart from the aesthetic functions that it provides. Of course concrete swimming pools are not very smooth and hence put the lives of the users at greater risks.

A wide variety of designs can be seen in our range of fiberglass swimming pools. We consider that different people have different tastes of design and thus provide a variety for them to choose from.

The fiberglass swimming pools have a wide range of colors to choose from. This provides home owners with the opportunity to blend the colors of their home theme. In regard to this, we provide free consultation on the kind of color to choose that well complements the theme of your home.

All the elements of swimming pool water are compatible with fiberglass. There will be no such thing as corrosion when a fiberglass swimming pool is installed.

These are some of the contrasting features between fiberglass and concrete swimming pools. It is very evident that the fiberglass offers the best option for Adelaide home owners.

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