Residential & Commercial Carpeting Melbourne

Carpeting is what we do best at Turnkey Renovations. We provide high quality carpets to residential and commercial customers in Melbourne. We come out, measure the place and provide you a free no obligation quote for your choice of carpet include carpet installation.

For many years, we have been at the helm of providing carpets and carpet installation services for Melbourne residents adhering to the unique requirements by the residents of this city. As a convention, we put much emphasis on providing quality carpeting melbourne to ensure that residents get the best services from us.

Affordable and beautiful carpets design with huge variety is available for you to choose from. Residential and commercial carpets and carpet tiles, both are available with installation services if required . To view our previous carpeting melbourne work please visit – Carpeting Work Photo Gallery

Carpet Store Melbourne – Residential Carpets

We offer residential carpets to all the homeowners in Melbourne. We have huge variety, patterns and materials but residential carpets that we offer basically fall into two categories:

Carpets for Rental Properties

We offer carpets for rental properties which are cheap and durable but we still ensure that we maintain the high quality standards of service delivery. We started this because of special demand from many customers who look for rental property carpets.

Carpet for Owner Builders

We also offer high quality carpets for home owners. Carpets for owner builders are a little expensive but best quality carpets. The slight increase in price is hugely compensated by the quality in the carpets provided. The high quality carpets that we offer for homeowners make the whole house warm & cozy. They are also suitable for homes with children for indoor entertainment. You can make your house elegant by installing a high quality carpet in your home to complete the elegance touch in your home.

Carpet Store Melbourne – Commercial Carpets

Commercial properties in Melbourne are not left behind with this unique carpeting service that we offer. We now offer this service to commercial properties. We have tailored commercial carpeting service to offer a professional appeal once they are installed at your business premises. A commercial property is thus put in a good position to get more clients out of their good-looking office layout thanks to the high quality carpets. Another benefit for commercial properties’ owners is that we offer carpets that can swiftly adapt to their business themes. Therefore, you can extend your business theme using a carpet.

Turnkey Renovations Carpeting Melbourne Process

The moment you choose us to work with for your carpeting project, the following steps will be followed:

This is a summary of our service. Of course we will work with you through all the steps until we are done.

Why choose us as your carpet installer?

Carpeting melbourne

We do not charge anything when we come to measure your property. We also provide free quote for the carpets chosen. There is no obligation attached to our free measure and quotation service.

We are a registered and insured company that works to make sure that all our customers get services within budget and given time. You can count on us to deliver and install carpets for you at your convenience.

Even with the high quality carpets that we provide, we still provide fair rates for our clients. With us, you will get the best prices for carpets that you can find in Melbourne. The low prices do not have a negative effective on the quality.

A simple call to us is all you need to get high quality carpets for your residential or commercial property.

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