Residential & Commercial Concreters Melbourne

Turnkey Renovations provides concreting services for residential and commercial properties all over Melbourne. We specialise in coloured concrete and exposed aggregate. We are experienced concreters in melbourne providing guaranteed satisfaction if you choose us for your next concreting project.

Concreting Benefits:

The number one benefit of concreting lies in its durability. Durability is dependent on the concreter in Melbourne you choose to work with. Working with us is an assurance of a durable concrete structure.

Another benefit of concrete is that they are fire resistant. Any structure that has been constructed using concrete is bound to be fire resistant.

Concrete is very low maintenance and it does not attract mould or lose its properties over time.

Another benefit of concrete comes in its strength. Structures made of concrete are very strong and can withstand worse climatic conditions. There is a little to no effect of moisture, mould or pests on concrete.

Concrete Contractors Melbourne – Services We Offer

As one of the leading concreters Melbourne, we offer a wide variety of services as part of our concreting services. Here below are some of the concrete related services that we offer.

Exposed Aggregate Driveways and Paths Melbourne

Professional concreters Melbourne specialise in exposed aggregate driveways and paths. These days most of the people go for exposed aggregate when it comes to their driveways & front porch or path. We can build a beautiful driveway for you does not matter what colour exposed aggregate you choose. There are lots of colour options but below are some popular ones:

Exposed Aggregate Color Chart Melbourne

Plain or Coloured Concrete Melbournecolored concrete services melbourne

We also offer plain or coloured concreting services for residential and commercial properties all over Melbourne. We are professional concreters melbourne experienced in excavation, removal of existing concrete, retaining walls, concrete slabs for decks or pergolas, polished concrete and laying coloured concrete for houses and big warehouses. Our melbourne concreters team is highly skilled and reliable for any type of concrete job or project you have. All our concreting work is performed to the highest industry and australian standards.

We have the equipment and expertise you need to carry on any type of concreting project anywhere in Melbourne. Your search of finding a reputable concreting company in Melbourne finishes here. Affordable prices and best quality material is our speciality. We have worked with many developers and builders previously and received great feedback. If you don’t want plain concrete there are lots of colour choices available including the ones on this page. To view our previous work please click here – Concreting Works Photo Gallery.

Polished Concrete Floors Melbourne

Some people use concrete or exposed aggregate for garage or even internal floors. We polish the concrete floors and ensure that they have an awesome look at the end of our work. We do not gamble with our work and thus strive to make every part of the floor polished to perfection.

polished concrete floors melbourne

Concrete Sealers Melbourne

Concrete sealers are applied to concrete to protect it from surface damage, staining and corrosion. We are a leading concrete sealer in Melbourne offering this unique service to all the residents here. We do not need to have installed for you a concrete structure to enjoy this service. We apply concrete sealers to all structures made of concrete. There are different types of concrete sealers including topical and penetrating sealers which have different functions. The main goal here is to ensure that you enjoy fully the durability benefits of concreting.

concreters melbourne
These are just some of the unique concreting services we offer in Melbourne. You can always count on us to deliver any kind of concrete project with an assurance of excellent services.

What Makes Us One Of The Best Concreters Melbourne?

There are a number of reasons that make us one of the best concreting company in Melbourne. As you strive to get a reliable company in Melbourne for your concrete project, here below are some of the reasons why you should choose us:

You need a company that has proven expertise in handling concrete projects to act as your partner. Many homeowners and business owners in Melbourne have trusted us to install concrete structures and have seen of the great benefits of working with us. We only employ best of the best concreters around to offer concreting services to all our clients.

Unlike other companies, we guarantee all our customers complete satisfaction, during and at the end of service delivery. As pointed earlier on, there are benefits that we guarantee to our customers.

Remember, no project is big for us, we will work to ensure that you get the best services at affordable price. Therefore, if you are looking for a experienced concreters melbourne, look no further than Turnkey Renovations.

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