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Turnkey Renovations offers almost all types of residential fencing, commercial fencing and gates all over Melbourne. Experienced fencing installation teams and premium fencing material is our speciality. Timber Fencing, colorbond fencing, steel fencing, colorbond powder coated gates, steel gates, balustrades and motorised gates etc. is what we excel in and do a very good job.

Fencing Company Melbourne

Of all the fencing melbourne companies, we have proved beyond doubt to be the best providers of fencing services. Our fencing services are deeply anchored in our company’s core values which are; Integrity, Honesty and Reliability. For many years in service, we have maintained all our customers through our core values.

We are doing fencing for many years now with 100% customer satisfaction rate. To view our previous fencing work, please click – Fencing Works Photo Gallery

Types Of Fencing We Specialise In:

We offer almost all types of fencing solutions to all residents in Melbourne. Depending on the fencing needs that you may have, we offer the following fencing melbourne solutions:

Timber fencing is one of the most popular type of fencing in Melbourne due to the functions it serves. It is good for areas where there is high wind. We use deep posts in the ground, so the fence stays strong for long term.

This is another popular type of fencing in Melbourne. For those who have used this type of fencing, they know of the aesthetic functions this type of fencing serves. Colorbond fencing in Melbourne can come in different colors. At our company, we offer 14 different colors for our colorbond fencing. You can therefore choose your desired color based on your home’s theme. If it’s hard for you to choose a color for your colorbond fencing, we will help you to choose one.

Steel Fencing is a type of fencing where steel is used as the only material for fencing or gates. The steel can be coated in different colors to offer several color choices. One of the benefits of using steel fencing in Melbourne is that this type of fencing last for longer periods compared to other types of fencing.

You do not need to leave your pool area unattended. Most homeowners in Melbourne who have swimming pools in their houses are now opting to fence them. There are various reasons for fencing your pool area ranging from security to aesthetic functions. Most homeowners are choosing glass as their preferred pool fence as it looks very good bordering the swimming pool.

We also construct brick fences or just brick posts in between colorbond or timber fences. We use high quality bricks and materials for the longevity of the fence.

We custom design and install picket fences and gates all around Melbourne. We install almost all types of picket fences. Picket fences are durable and need almost no maintenance in comparison to timber fences etc.

We specialise in motorised gates for  driveways or front fence all around melbourne. Whether you need to upgrade security or need new gates we are here to help with our professional and experienced steel fabrication trades people, we will help you with anything you want.

Fencing Contractors Melbourne – Professional Fencing Installation Servicesfencing melbourne

We offer fencing solutions for all residential and commercial fencing needs in Melbourne, we engage our clients in all the stages of installation. The moment you make an inquiry, our customer service representatives will get back to you and seek more details of your fencing project.

With a group of professionals, we will engage you on the different types of fencing melbourne solutions that you can explore. It is at this stage where the exact prices of individual types of fencing will be mentioned. We also help our customers in making the right choices, though we listen to their opinions before adding our professional opinion.

After choosing the type of fencing, a team of well trained professionals will then embark on the process of installing the fence at your property. At each step of the installation, you will be updated on the development and expectations.

Just to ensure that quality work is done, we have an independent team of quality assurance that works to assess the quality of fencing installation done by our workmen. The quality assurance team is only concerned with seeing the best quality of fencing service delivered to all our customers.

Why We Are The Best Fencing Installers Melbourne?

While there are many fencing companies in Melbourne, we offer ourselves as the most honest and reliable fencing company. Here below are some of the reasons why:

We offer 100% customer satisfaction for any fencing project that we engage in. One of our company’s philosophical pillars requires us to ensure that 100% customer satisfaction is achieved. Therefore, you are guaranteed 100% customer satisfaction when dealing with us. Most fencing companies in Melbourne do not guarantee customer satisfaction. This is why we are unique.

We also brag about being the best team in Melbourne for fencing installation. As part of our quality assurance policy, we only engage well trained and professional tradesmen to work with us. Therefore, expect display of expertise at your doorstep when you choose to work with us.

We do not delay on delivering our projects. The moment you choose us as your fencing contractor, our team of professionals will start working to ensure that fencing is done within the shortest time possible. This is done while we also carefully observe the quality of service delivered.

Regardless of your choice of fencing type, we will only use the best quality materials. As a company, our reputation relies a lot on the service delivered and thus we cannot deal with low quality materials that will distort our reputation.

For all your fencing melbourne needs, you can count on us to deliver the best services. You are just a call away from getting a free quotation for your next fencing project or fill in the form below and we will call you.

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