Fencing Terms and Conditions


Turnkey Renovations firmly believes in the value of mutual understanding between “Turnkey Renovations” and “Customer”. Building a strong trustworthy relationship with the customer greatly reduces the possibility of discrepancies or misunderstandings. We urge all of our customers (and potential customers) to read our Terms and Conditions; they’ve been drafted to cover all aspects of our products and services that have a bearing on the completed project.


Quotations and Bookings T&C’s

  1. Quotation remains firm for a period of 30 days from the date given only if there is no expiry date on the actual quotation. Any acceptance after this period will be subject to confirmation by Turnkey Renovations Management Team.
  2. Please review the quotation carefully, it may cause extra if any unexpected works occur. Our supervisor will be able to give a fixed cost on site or extra cost is based on $60/hr if our supervisor is not able to offer an estimate price at his knowledge or you don’t agree with our fixed price.
  3. If you want to lock our price or book a start date, a deposit is required as a confirmation of booking and it is non-refundable. We can not refund your deposit or progress payments in any case because of lots of factors.


Working T&C’s

  1. Fences are built on the natural ground levels, where land is uneven or undulates these gaps are to be to be filled by customers after completion.
  2. Customer must make sure that boundary pegs are there before we start. No Responsibility will be taken if survey pegs are not provided to indicate the true boundary.
  3. If we are on site and customer don’t want us to work that day because of any reason, a fee of $500 will be added to the invoice. We will not be liable for any underground services such as telephone, gas, water lines or pipes etc. Client to advise before commencement of work.
  4. All building/council permits and engineers reports are to be supplied by the Customer. Permits are to be obtained by the owner when required for fences abutting streets and Rights of Way.
  5. All Care but no responsibility for any damage to underground cables/ pipes, or tiles, pavers or bricks. Customer need to aware us before starting out work.
  6. Power and water to be supplied by client – access by easiest means.
  7. Extra work which is not written in the quote or invoice will incur extra charges.
  8. Posts requiring cutting into concrete and re floated at top will cost an extra $25.00 each hole, concrete cutting at $20 per meter and concrete will be left on site or can be removed at an addition amount.
  9. If blasting, jackhammering and hire of equipment required due to rock or foundations, it will be charged at current market rates.
  10. Green Waste demo and removal on any fence will be charged at $20 per meter with a minimum of $100. Prices are plus GST.
  11. If necessary to locate posts into underground rock, cement pipes etc. not already noted on the quotation additional costs will be incurred.
  12. All timber is supplied unpainted. Kiln dried timbers should be painted immediately by customers to protect the timber.
  13. No warrantee for imperfections on any timber, as it is a natural resource and has imperfections. No warrantee on any wet sawn timbers as these are prone to warping and twisting due to changes in weather.
  14. Any tree roots, old fencing, building, plants, or any other obstructions which need to be cleared by us to complete the construction, will be charged for at the rate of $60 per man hour.
  15. The quotation is based on a minimum 1 metre clearance on the working side of construction. Any increase in construction time due to insufficient clearance will be charged for at a rate of $60 per man hour.
  16. Any existing gates, wing fences or any attachments will not be reconnected and if so extra charges will apply.
  17. We accept no responsibility and give no guarantee where specific types of manufacture and materials are requested by clients.
  18. Unless otherwise agreed we don’t clean the site or remove the dirt from the holes we gig for fencing posts.


Workmanship Warranty T&C’s

  1. We warrant our workmanship for the duration of 12 months from the work completion date. Written claim needed if anything wrong happens within a year. Turnkey Renovations is not liable to honour any claim after first 12 months.


Property Damage or On-site Injury T&C’s

  1. We will not be liable for any loss, injury or damage directly or indirectly caused by us, our employees or agents to any person, property or thing during the course of our work. Its clients responsibility not to give access to his/her family members and aware us of any existing pipes or existing property damage. Customers are advised to stay away from the area until the work is complete.
  2. Any suspicion of damage in the property by Turnkey Renovations staff should be notified to site supervisor immediately. Our site supervisor is required to take further investigation about who caused the damage and find repair solutions if required. Under no circumstance, customer is allowed to step into the matter and take in charge at work-in-progress stage.


Payments T&C’s

  1. Customers must pay 50% in advance and 50% within 3 business days after completion to the nominated bank account written on the invoice. Advance payment is deemed as acceptance of the invoice and of the terms and conditions. If we don’t get the remaining 50% within 7 business days after the completion date, your invoice will be forwarded to debt collection agency and an additional administration and collection fees will be added to the invoice. $80 Admin fee plus a 25% Collection fee (of the outstanding payment amount). It will affect you credit history.
  2. All materials used and fitted is subject to payment of all amounts owing and do not become the property of the owners until receipt of payment in full. The owner shall have no claim against us, our employees or agents for damages for trespass or any other right or claim upon the property merely for the purpose of recovering the gates and fences from the owner when monies remain due or unpaid in our opinion.
  3. Neighbour issues are not our responsibility and its customers responsibility to deal with their neighbours in all cases. Our whole invoice has to be paid by the person who contacted us and whose name the invoice is on. It’s your responsibility to organise the payment from him whenever you want but our invoice is due on completion and you need to pay in full if you have arranged the fencing through us.


Termination Of Works T&C’s

  1. Turnkey Renovations may, due to serious failings by the client, terminate the Agreement by providing a written notice of termination to the client. Turnkey Renovations will be reimbursed by the client for work already carried out and any expense incurred in connection with the Works.
  2. Should the client decide to terminate the works in any case, Turnkey Renovations will be reimbursed by the client for work already carried out and any other expense incurred in connection with the Works.
  3. Turnkey Renovations reserve the rights to walk away from the project in case of any breach such as the using foul language, making our staff uncomfortable, unable to pay within an agreed term etc. until a further discussion between both parties to reach an agreement. Turnkey Renovations is not responsible for any loss caused by the work delay. Under any circumstances, if an agreement can not be reached by both parties, Turnkey Renovations reserve the rights to charge customer for the work done.


Terms and Conditions For Supply Of Tiles:

1. Strictly no cancellation, return or exchange accepted on special orders.
2. Strictly no cancellation, return or exchange accepted for ‘change of mind’; in accordance with Australian Consumer Law, Turnkey Renovations is not required to accept cancellation, return or exchange simply because you have changed your mind.
3. Eligible stock returns accepted within 30 days of the original date of invoice. Returns will only be accepted on the condition that the goods are new, boxes are unopened and goods are undamaged. Further conditions on return are as follows:

• Goods must be of current stock and current shade in order to be eligible for return.
• 20% surcharge and handling fee applies to all stock cancellations, exchanges and returns.
• Strictly no cancellation, return or exchange accepted on special orders.
• Strictly no cancellation, return or exchange for ‘change of mind’.
• The original tax invoice of the goods being returned must be presented.
• Damaged or marked goods will strictly not be accepted for return.

4. Turnkey Renovations take no responsibility for plans measured incorrectly. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to ensure that all measurements and quantities are checked and items ordered are correct and without error.
5. Deliveries made by Turnkey Renovations will be unloaded to ground level only, and within reasonable distance and conditions from the delivery vehicle. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that Turnkey Renovations is able to deliver goods within a safe and accessible site or property. The Company reserves the right to refuse delivery to unsafe, inaccessible or hazardous areas. If re-delivery or pickup of goods is required due to failure to deliver under the above mentioned circumstances, the customer is liable for payment of the initial delivery and any consequent delivery made thereafter.
6. Please be aware that samples are indicative only and may not fully represent the colour, shade and pattern variation of the product. It is recommended that tiles with a high variation be viewed in installation images or as a group of numerous samples.
7. Variations in shade are inherent in all kiln fired products and natural stone. Some polished porcelain products may be subject to variants in surface reflectivity. It is the responsibility of the customer to understand that shade variations and crazing effects are normal characteristics of all kiln fired products and natural stone.
8. No claims will be accepted once the product or tiles have been fixed. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that all goods and orders are checked on arrival, pick up or delivery, and prior to laying or installation. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to ensure that either they themselves or their tiler inspect the tiles prior to laying or installation. Fixing of any product constitutes acceptance of the product. No credit will be allowed for any variation in colour and no claim will be recognised after the tiles are installed.
9. Turnkey Renovations shall not be liable for any loss or damage incurred by the customer.
10. No guarantees are given, except those extended by the manufacturer.
11. In the case that products are found to be faulty by the manufacturer, to the extent permitted by the Trade Practices Act, the Company’s responsibility is limited only to the replacement of materials supplied; Turnkey Renovations shall not be liable for any loss or damage incurred by the customer whether caused by any defective materials or otherwise.
12.Title of Goods:
• Goods remain the property of Turnkey Renovations until full payment is made.
• No property shall pass from Turnkey Renovations to the customer until full payment for all goods has been made.
• Monies owed by the customer to Turnkey Renovations shall become due immediately upon the commencement of any act or proceedings in which the customer’s solvency is involved.
• If the customer does not meet payment in full or in part, Turnkey Renovations reserve the right to take and claim physical possession of all goods in question in full or partial satisfaction of the debit. The customer consents to Turnkey Renovations or its agents and servants entering upon the customer’s premises for this purpose.


Theft T&C’s

  1. Turnkey Renovations will not be held responsible for any theft or missing items from your property. Customer must remove and secure expensive items from site prior to starting our work.


Marketing T&C’s

  1. Acceptance of the Terms & Conditions gives permission to Turnkey Renovations to use any photos of the completed works for any marketing material and marketing sign on the fence for 30 days.
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