Residential & Commercial Landscaping Services Melbourne

At Turnkey Renovations, we make your landscaping our responsibility by providing beautiful and affordable landscaping services all over Melbourne. We have all your garden and landscaping needs covered. For our previous landscaping work please click here - Landscaping Photo Gallery

Benefits of Professional Landscaping

We are one of the best when it comes to landscaping Melbourne, we guarantee the following benefits for engaging us in your landscaping or gardening project.

One of the leading reasons why you should consider professional landscaping is that it adds value to your property and makes it more attractive to potential buyers.

Professional landscaping will create a beautiful area in and around your home or business for relaxation and entertainment. You and your family will enjoy the aesthetic benefits of professional landscaping and also your customers will enjoy a beautiful & functional outdoor area.

A beautifully landscaped garden can make a world of difference for your family, friends and customers.

Landscaping Melbourne – Complete Landscaping Services

We cover all the different aspects of landscaping Melbourne. We have lots of traditional and new modern landscaping melbourne designs. Therefore, you can make use of our unique designing services to get your home an amazing look upon its completion. But even if you had already built your home, you can still make use of our services. Here below are the different landscaping services that we offer.

Front facade Landscaping

We offer facade landscaping in Melbourne. We know of the fact that your front garden gives a long lasting impression of your home and thus work to make it appealing. For an impressive front yard landscaping needs, you should use this unique service that we offer.

Backyard Landscaping

Backyard landscaping is a necessity for your family. We do professional backyard landscaping in Melbourne. We work to ensure that you get a cool backyard for your entertainment, relaxation and BBQ.

Grass and Artificial Turf

Another unique landscaping service that we offer is laying grass and artificial turf. We are the best in offering artificial grass in Melbourne. The grass and artificial turf that we offer will help in creating a cool ambiance in your home. This is primarily good for those people who have always wanted to maintain a green theme.

Outdoor Lighting

To complement your beautiful gardening, we also offer outdoor lighting services. This is a unique service that we offer to help you to extend your relaxation mood in the garden even when it’s dark outside. Our professional experts will install low voltage outdoor lighting to save on energy and also work to minimize your electricity costs.

Plants and Trees

No garden is complete without plants or trees. We have professional landscapers in Melbourne who will ensure that you get the best plants and trees. The complex process of planting plants and trees in your garden will involve:

The above mentioned are some of the unique services that you will get when you choose to engage us for your landscaping project. That’s not all, you also get to enjoy a wide range of benefits for choosing us. Look at some of the reasons why most residents in Melbourne have always trusted us with their gardens.

Why Choose Us As Your Landscapers In Melbournelandscaping melbourne

Experienced Landscapers Melbourne

We are an experienced company that has been offering landscaping services from many years. This experience will help you from designing to completion of your beautiful landscape project. We are a company that has been experienced enough to offer this professional service. In that regard, we only employ landscapers who are  experienced in delivering this unique service.

Personalized Services

Unlike other services, landscaping is a personalized service. We work closely with our clients to ensure that they get exactly what they want in their gardens. We call it a personalized service because the clients dictate to us what they want and we offer that.

Of course there are a dozen more reasons for choosing us but the above mentioned only offer a guide on what to expect from us. We are the best landscape designers in Melbourne and the most reliable company for your landscaping melbourne needs. Contact us for any query or personalized quote for your landscaping project.

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